Quality Assurance

Product quality is essential. We introduce various professional quality inspection equipment and streamline and standardize the production process to ensure high-quality product quality.

Quality Assurance

How Zintilon Guarantees Superior Quality

Self owned manufacturing equipements Image

Self-owned manufacturing equipements

Unlike manufacturing trading companies, we spent a lot of money on plant and equipments. So we have more flexible control over manufacturing requirements. We have a 5,000 square meters factory plant. There is a total of 31 machines in our headquarters including 6 sets of Hermle 5-axis machines, 10 sets of Fanuc CNC machining center, 2 sets of MAKINO, and JINGDIAO group machines, etc.
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Certified materials

Our company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has 5 factories throughout China. We are honored to have 300+ engineers with 10+ years experience. We insist on artificial value rather than totally rely on AI-powered platform, leading to a much more flexible and considerate service due to the understanding of the core and original requirements from customers about manufactured products.
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Skilled engineer

Quality reports are used to ensure that parts produced meet required specifications and are of consistent quality. The standardization of ZTL's quality reports is usually used for standard formats and procedures for collecting and processing data, so as to ensure that the products produced can reach a consistently high level, which is our quality commitment to customers.
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High-quality Machining

Our skilled engineers will offer DFM analysis for each customer's product, which helps us to prepare and respond to risk points of manufacturing in advance. During the processing, we have professional CNC operators and top-notch manufacturing equipment, such as Hermle 5-axis CNC machining center, etc., empowering us to manufacture high precision complex geometric parts or prototypes.
Multiple inspection process Image

Multiple inspection process

We have introduced the world's leading testing equipment such as zeiss CMM to inspect materials, processing and finished products before the final delivery of products to ensure that all links are orderly and controllable.

Specific Practices for Quality Assurance

01Before the production

DFM analysis
Our professional engineers will offer DFM analysis report after checking your 2D or 3D design. list the risk and assess the feasibility of your design according to the needs about materials, tolerance, surface finishing, etc.

Materials inspection report
We will provide material certificate from suppliers of raw materials at customers’ request.Usually, we will use spectrometer and other equipment to detect the composition of the product before the dimensional inspection.

02During the production

03Before the delivery

Multiple inspection process

Cutting-edge Manufacturing Equipment


State-of-the-art Inspection Facilities

Our production facility features dedicated workshops equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for meticulous inspections, facilitating our strict quality control protocols.

ISO Certifications

We have already been certified by the following famous international organizations to cater to our customers.

  • ITAR 16949
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 13485
Certified By International Institutions

Quality Reports

Visual inspection

Our staff will check the appearance including color, materials, etc. physical properties according to their experience.

Materials Certification

We provide materials certification like RoHS to verify whether the parts meet our customers‘ demands if in need.

Dimensional Inspection

Vernier calipers, micro calipers and height gauges are used to check simple structure parts, while zeiss CMM inspection is used for complex shaped parts.

Performance Inspection

For parts with holes and threads, we will check whether the assembly is suitable.

Bello Inspection

Test the adhesion of the test object after it has been painted.

First Article Inspection

We will tell our customers all the inspection results and procedure in the final stage of inspection.

Salt spray Inspection

Use the artificially simulated salt spray environmental conditions created by the salt spray test equipment to evaluate the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials.

Reliability Inspection

Find out the problems existing in the parts in terms of raw materials, structure, technology, environmental adaptability, etc., and improve them after repeated tests and improvements.

Film thickness Inspection

We use thickness meter to check the thickness of the metal or non-metal covering layer on the substrate, such as the Cu/Ni/Au layer in the PCB board process, the Ni/Cr covering layer on the alloy, etc.

Quick response to our customers

We are committed to offering high precision parts or prototype to you. In case that our parts prototype fails to satisfy your needs, please do not hesitate to contact with us, we will find a re-do or refund solution to any quality issue within 1 month of receiving your goods once your project meets the following conditions. We will give you feedback within 1-3 business day after you tell us the quality issue within 5 days of your received delivery.

Conditions for Rework

If you come across any problems with your prototyping ot parts, just free free to contact with us. We will check the design and your received products for the inconsistency and redo your products as soon as possible if the your samples has the follow problems.

  • Unacceptable products defects like tolerance, materials.
  • 2D and 3D drawings are inconsistent without confirming with clients before delivery
  • Other

Conditions for Rework

We will quickly response to your refund request if we find our product issue can not be solved.

  • Product fails to meet the customer’s requirements about material, tolerance, quality, etc.
  • Other


The tolenrance range of sheet metal fabricated parts is ±0.2-0.3 mm.

We have strict quality control standards to ensure the quality of our low-volume production. Firstly, we check incoming materials to ensure material quality. Secondly, we inspect and test the production process to ensure that you get quality parts that exceed expectations. Thirdly, we can provide certificates of compliance for all materials.
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