One-stop Intelligent Parts Manufacturer

Established in 2014, Zintilon is devoted to offering better digital and intelligent manufacturing service for customers at home and abroad. We gain good reputation in precision parts and prototyping manufacturing industry through lots of valued customers.

One-stop Intelligent Precision Manufacturer One-stop Intelligent Precision Manufacturer

Established in 2014, Zintilon is devoted to offering better digital and intelligent manufacturing service for customers at home and abroad. We gain good reputation in precise manufacturing industry through lots of valued customers. To better serve our customers, we have been introducing state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and experienced engineers rather than totally rely on AI-powered platform. So customers usually have unexpected experience due to our quick, humane and flexible response to their parts and prototyping manufacturing requirements.

One-stop precision parts manufacturing service

We provide many kinds of manufacturing services vary with a great variety of materials from rapid prototyping to low-volume& mass parts production. We can customize precision manufacturing solutions suitable for your company’s stage according to your products’ life cycle. As our manufacturing capacities cover CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, metal casting and various surface finishes, etc. We are proud to offer smooth experience from design to reality.

Specialized parts manufacturing capacity

Specialized manufacturing capacity is the core of manufacturing service. Especially for CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication and die casting techniques with materials of alumimum alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, our manufacturing capacity is far ahead of peers regardless of industries due to the cutting-edge manufacturing devices and professional machinists.

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6 Factories in 5 places, Covering an Area of 5000+ Square Meters

Zintilon Shenzhen Headquarters
Zintilon Shenzhen Headquarters
Heyi Shenzhen Branch
Heyi Shenzhen Branch
Beiliu Branch
Beiliu Branch
Zhenglu Branch
Zhenglu Branch
Meika  Branch
Meika Branch
Changan  Branch
Changan Branch

Professional Departments and Staff for Your Service

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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Provide customers with satisfying service and quality

Create a platform for employees to succeed

Enable employees to grow and progress in personal life

Strive to create triple wins for customers, employees and company

Our Vision

Be the most outstanding precision manufacturer worldwide

Take metal parts processing as the core business

Keep expanding high-end precision processing market

Focus on technological innovation and service improvement

After nearly a decade of hard work, we have grown from a small company to a global leader in the manufacturing industry. Check our roadmap of development below.

  • Factory: Expanded sheet metal workshop, newly rented another 4,000 square meters behind Shenzhen HQ building 1, under renovation
  • Equipment: 10 sets of Fanuc 3 axis CNC machining centers
  • Certificates: Specialization and ITAF16949 certified
  • Factory: Opened Heyi branch and Beiliu branch
  • Equipment: 5 sets of zeiss CMM and 1 set of beijing JD
  • Certificates: 14001, ISO9001, and High-tech certified
  • Cooperation: DHL strategic level partnership
  • Factory: Established Changan, Meka, Zhenglu
  • Equipment: 4 sets Hermle, also purchased some sets of Makino, and youjia
  • Certificate: Get ISO13485 certified
  • Order: The first big order of 2 million dollars
  • Staff: We employ up to 100 people
  • Equipment: Purchased 2 Hermle 5 axis CNC machining centers, 2 Harting lathes and 1 zeiss CMM
  • Factory: moved to Dawangshan factory in 2019, with a factory area of 4500 sq. ft.
  • Equipment: 1 x zeiss CMM, 2 x Hermle 5 axis CNC Machining centers, and 4 x Taiwan3+2 machining center. Launch customized ERP system in September
  • Orders: the first semiconductor industry customers
  • Equipment: 4 sets of newly purchased Taiwan equipment
  • Orders: medical industry, medical industry customers are play a important role in 2018
  • Equipment: Newly purchased 3-coordinate
  • Orders: first 1 million dollar order, first robotics customer
  • Factory: Newly rented 1500 square meters of factory building, the total area of the factory building reached 2000 square meters, Nanning factory was established, opened the U.S. office
  • Equipment: 16 sets of 3-axis CNC and 1 set of 3-coordinate
  • Certificate: Obtain Dun & Bradstreet certificate
  • Orders: The first 1 million large orders, have the first customers in aviation, communications, new energy industry
  • Factory: HK office established
  • Equipment: Newly purchased 6 Taiwan 3-axis high-speed machines
  • Order: First supercar customer
  • Activities: First UK exhibitor (may also be 2016)
  • Factory: Establish the company in August, register the company in December
  • Equipment: Bought 6 high-speed machines from Taiwan, and the prototypes of various departments of the company have appeared
  • Order: in October, we have the first customer who came from the UK. We have our starup as a aumotive parts supplier

Our Tressured Customers Worldwide

We aim to be a leading precision manufacturing service supplier rather than a trading company since the foundation. Thanks to our customers’ trust, our robust manufacturing capabilities has been recognized by worldwide customers.

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