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    We know that universal gravitation comes from the story of an apple landing. Newton aroused thinking when he saw the apple landing vertically, and combined with the facts he saw to explore and proved universal gravitation. It is generally believed in the history of science that this achievement should be attributed to the great Newton. In fact, other outstanding scientists such as Hooker and Halley have also made very important contributions in this regard. However, compared with Newton, their views and research methods always have defects of one kind or another, lacking evidence of facts, and ultimately missing the scientific discoveries of the ages.

    Why Ideas and Thoughts Are Important?

    Having ideas and thinking is a very fascinating thing because most of the things in this world come from the ideas and thinking of a certain person or a certain team. But just like the law of universal gravitation, why is it generally believed in the history of science that the research result of universal gravitation is attributed to Newton?

    This has to mention the “factual evidence”. Maybe the current world shouldn’t be like this, it may be more colorful because when everyone flashes an idea or idea, they just let the idea go. Swept by, therefore, we may have lost more excitement. Everyone will have inspiration, but unfortunately, they did not take action.

    “Fact proof” is really a very important thing. Whether it is individual exploration, teamwork, or national research, it is necessary to have the idea of physical evidence to truly face the market and go to the public. So what can we do to achieve “factual proof”?

    What Can We Do to Achieve “Factual Proof”

    Take the automotive industry as an example. An engineer’s ingenuity on a certain part of a car may bring immeasurable benefits to the car brand, or it may destroy the brand. So abandon all these clever things and always focus on the most primitive car manufacturing. Will this brand last? Of course not, it will be eliminated by the market sooner or later.

    Sample Prototype

    This is just a selection of one line from many industries for analysis. In fact, in addition to the automotive industry, there are many industries whose parts are suitable for prototype verification and then put into the market, such as the medical industry, design industry, communication industry, robotics industry, etc..

    So, why do you want to make a prototype first? What is the role of the prototype?

    Why make a prototype?

    As mentioned above, all ideas need to be supported by facts to get the answer. For product ideas, only through prototype verification can a perfect production be produced, so as to enter the market better, attract fans, and gain traffic.

    5-axis CNC Machining Prototype

    The Role of the Prototype

    • Verify, improve and innovate the appearance and structural design of the product.

    Blindly letting products face the market is actually a way of consuming the brand. By making prototypes, you have a clear understanding of the appearance of the opponent’s board and the compatibility with other parts, and then you can adjust and improve in time to achieve higher levels. Good results.

    • Shorten the development cycle of product projects

    Before each project faces the market, it needs to obtain the approval of most people in the market in advance, and it can arouse their interest. If you directly produce products in batches and cause no sales on the market, it is really a loss. The time to make prototypes is very short. Obtaining market financing or crowdfunding through prototypes is undoubtedly beneficial to a project.

    • Quickly occupy the market.

    Prototype production can be done in 2-3 days. Once you get the prototype in a short time, you can apply for patent and trademark registration, and confirm the sample order to various distributors or customers. Occupy the market in advance through the prototype.

    • Prototypes can be used to replace those with a small order.

    When the order quantity is between 1-200 pieces, it is best to choose to use the prototype, because compared to opening the mold, the prototype production cycle is short, the cost is low, and the customer is more acceptable

    Black Anodizing Prototype

    Finally, prototypes are also called “rapid prototyping”, because the prototype production cycle is short, high quality, relatively low cost, and has other advantages, the current development of the prototype industry is becoming more and more fierce, which can make ZTLTECH’s leading position what is it then? Please wait for the next article.

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