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    Shenzhen ZTL Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on personalized prototype customization and precision machining of metal parts. It has two factories in Baoan, Shenzhen and Nanning, Guangxi, and has multiple offices in Europe and North America. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of “pragmatic, diligent, innovative, and win-win”, has always implemented the dual-drive development strategy centered on production technology and service quality, and insisted on putting customer information security in the first place and helping Customer problem-solving is the service tenet, and the breakthrough of production technology problems is the foundation of development. It serves many fields such as automobiles, medical care, communications, robotics, new energy, aerospace and aviation.

    ZTLTECH is a leader in the Chinese prototype industry. We have opened a new chapter in the prototype industry; in ZTLTECH, you can see all kinds of people who are dedicated to their enthusiasm in different positions. The business we undertake not only includes CNC, but also a series of hand-made and mass production services for the automotive, medical, robotics, aerospace and other industries, such as die-casting, sheet metal, injection molding, and 3D printing, and we are very particular about the precision processing of metals. Good at.

    Metal precision machining is our main research and service that we are good at, because the applicability and machineability of metal materials are very strong, and there are more and more parts made of metal materials. From the selection of raw materials to the processing of production methods and the packaging and transportation of products, we operate carefully in every process. This is a commitment to customers, and more importantly, our responsibility and mission. A few years ago, ZTLTECH was aware of this trend and began to transform its operations and production methods, shifting its focus to metal processing. After all these years of experience, ZTL TECH is no longer a prototype manufacturer that was a bit young and rusty at that time. Through the precipitation of time, in the past few years, we have failed, but success is greater than failure; we have absorbed the problems and methods of prototype manufacturing from all walks of life, and found new ideas and expanded new ways in failure. Now ZTLTECH has become the leader in metal processing in the prototype industry.

    In addition, what is more, important is the far-sighted vision of the leaders of ZTLTECH. We are not entangled in the choice of shoddy machines and processing tools. We decisively choose the best production machines and quality inspection machines on the market, such as the Hammer five-axis and Zeiss three-coordinate; because we know that if you want to make high-precision parts, the equipment is the first to bear the brunt. Advanced equipment can not only meet the requirements of higher precision and processing methods, but more importantly, it can speed up production and improve production efficiency, to help customers complete their scheduled plans as soon as possible and face the market in advance.

    Now, in terms of metal precision processing, ZTLTECH is very advantageous. If a prototype manufacturing company that can purchase advanced machines is bronze, then a company with technical personnel is the king. ZTL TECH has just transitioned from the bronze stage to the king’s level. Over the years, we have been in contact with all walks of life, have seen tens of thousands of parts drawings, and have formed our unique insights on the structure and processing of parts. While others were still pondering the structure of this part, ZTLTECH has already begun to study which machine to use for production and which tool to use for processing. We have gone faster than others and don’t know how many steps, so please believe that choosing ZTLTECH is a very correct choice.

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